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A 50% non-refundable deposit is required, along with a signed contract,
to reserve your time slot.  Once your slot is reserved, it becomes yours
and we will turn down other jobs requesting the same time period.  
Therefore, we cannot refund deposits.

Handwritten calligraphy is time intensive and we work hard to make your
envelopes look beautiful and represent your wedding day.  We work on
a schedule, allowing time to give each project the attention to detail that
it deserves, and treat each client as if they were our only one.  

No matter whether you address your own envelopes or hire a
calligrapher, always order a minimum of 15-20% extra.  This is usually
enough to make up for human error, ink spatters, forgotten guests and
address changes.   In addition, this will provide you with extras for
keepsakes for the bride and groom as well as both sets of parents.

We request that your address list be complete upon submission.  If
additions must be made, please submit them all at once.  If we receive
the additions during the time we have reserved for your job, regular
pricing will apply.  If they are received after your project time is over, an
additional set up fee of $25 will apply in addition to regular pricing.  The
reason for this is that each job is different and it takes time to switch
back and forth between inks, pen nibs, styles, and papers and to
practice to get back into the rhythm of a particular hand.

Lists must be typed to lessen the possibility of errors.  Whether you use
Excel form or prefer to type a stacked label style format, please be
sure to include the following information:

Outside envelope:            Example:   Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Inside envelope:                                   Uncle John and Aunt Mary
Children under 18:                               Emma and Jake
Address:                                               123 Main Street
Apartment/Suite Number:                   Number 602
City:                                                       Dallas
State:                                                     Texas
Zip:                                                        75240
Country (if not USA)

Please spell out all words completely except for Mr. and Mrs.  Please
save your Excel file with bride and groom last names. (example -
EvansJackson.xls).  Please note that the customer is responsible for
proofing names, addresses and spellings.  We are responsible for
proofing the finished envelopes.  We proof our work carefully, but in
case of an error made by us we will provide a corrected replacement via
USPS Priority Mail at no charge to you within 3-5 business days. (We
normally keep a few of your envelopes for this purpose and will happily
return them at no charge if not needed.)  If the error is yours, regular
charges plus shipping will apply.

Depending on the number of envelopes, expect an approximate turn
around time of 3-4 weeks (plus shipping time, if applicable).  Allow
yourself about a week for stuffing and stamping.  We will need your
envelopes in our possession at least one month before the mailing date
to accommodate this schedule.

The Sophisticated Scribble Tips page  for helpful hints.  We
Crane's Wedding Blue Book  or for wedding
etiquette tips.  We letter exactly as the information appears on your list,
so please make sure that spelling, titles, etc. are correct..

Deposits will be calculated and due separately for envelopes, invitation
design or place cards since the time lines are different for these items.  
All deposits are 50% up front and balance is due before shipment or
delivery.  We will notify you that payment is due when we are near
completion.  We accept Paypal, credit cards and personal checks.  
(Check payments must clear before shipment/delivery.)  Cash will be
accepted in person only, please do not mail.

Please note that guest lists and envelopes MUST be received by the
date that we specify in order to be delivered by the date we promise.  
We reserve the right to void a contract if items are not received in time
for completion before our next job is due to begin.

We keep your personal information as well as that of your guests private
and confidential.  We do not share or sell this information to anyone.  
Your complete guest list will be deleted from our computer and/or
shredded after you indicate that you are satisfied with our work.