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Debbie Worden was a Registered Dental Hygienist for 20 years prior to beginning
her career in art.  After retiring from the health care field, she began taking classes
in calligraphy in 2002.  It was a perfect fit, combining two decades of fine motor
skills with an eye for art.  She joined  
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society  
and became an active member and workshop junkie.  In 2005, Debbie attended her
first international lettering conference.  In 2007, she completed an intensive
year-long course taught by renowned calligrapher Reggie Ezell and in 2011 studied
under Chief White House Calligrapher Pat Blair.  She is also a member of  
IAMPETH, The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and
Teachers of Handwriting.

Debbie continues to learn and grow and loves to challenge herself with new
techniques in collage, bookmaking and mixed media as well as calligraphy.  
Besides wedding and social calligraphy, she loves creating original calligraphy art  
as well as handmade books.  Please visit our  
Gallery 1  and  Gallery 2 pages to
view samples of all.

Over the years, Debbie has had the privilege of studying under many nationally and
internationally recognized calligraphers and artists.  Below is a partial list:

Tracy Bautista
Barbara Calzolari
Annie Cicale
Suzanne Kelley Clark
Barbara Close
Jane Cross
Harvest Crittenden
Georgia Deaver
Laurie Doctor
Carol DuBosch
Lisa Engelbrecht
Reggie Ezell
Connie Furgason
Randy Hasson
Carrie Imai
Judy Melvin
Amity Parks
Carl Rohrs
Donna Sabolovic
Peter Thornton
Sheila Waters
Gwen Weaver
Janell Wimberly
Sharon Zeugin
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